Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Technoviking Denies You His Essence and Your Meme

On an overcast day at the Berlin Fuckparade in 2000, German artist Matthias Fritsch created a film that changed the Internet. As the denizens of the techno parade marched, Fritsch caught something extraordinary: a giant of a man who looked like he was ripped from Scandinavian mythology, dancing with wild robotic precision to a thumping techno beat.

He became known as the "Technoviking," the accidental star of one of the biggest Internet memes of the 2000s and the subject of a thousand Internet remixes. Now the Technoviking is proving to be as ruthless in court as he is on the dancefloor.

Earlier this year, the real man behind the Technoviking image sued Fritsch. He's apparently not happy about his likeness spreading all over the Web. He and his lawyers lay the blame fully on the shoulders of Fritsch and are demanding the artist strip every video he ever posted of the Technoviking from the Web. Failing to do that, Fritsch would face a €250,000 (roughly $334,441 U.S.) fine and six months in prison.

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The Technoviking's lawyer, Alexander Paschke, has also declined multiple interview requests from German media. His only public comments on the case appear to this radio interview with Everything we've learned has been directly from Fritsch.

And now he's sent us another update: The Technoviking (whose identity still hasn't been revealed) and his legal team have refused a compromise proposed by the judges.

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Apropos of, well, everything, Warty has uncovered a photo of the Technoviking's dad:

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Incunabulum said...

And because of this lawsuit Technoviking will be know far and wide for another decade, instead of continuing to fade into obscurity.

Streisand much?