Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 75th Birthday, George "Secret Nazi" Takei!

Reposted from the past:

In a disturbing development, Urkobold has learned that George Takei engages in a strange celebration each year on April 20. Until now, this celebration was little understood and largely unexplained. However, our research team, working on an unrelated matter, recently discovered that April 20 is, in fact, the birthday of the greatest evil of the modern age, Adolf Hitler.

Why does Takei celebrate Hitler's birthday? No one seems to know, but several facts point to a nefarious motive:
  1. Fact: Takei is a known enemy agent, who, along with his family, was locked up during World War II.
  2. Fact: Takei played a Vietnamese officer in The Green Berets, despite the fact that he is of Japanese descent! Why the deception, George? Why?
  3. Fact: During the original Star Trek series, an episode involving a world of Nazis was aired. But cast regular George Takei did not participate in that episode for some reason. Was it because it portrayed Nazis in an unfavorable light?
  4. Fact: Takei is a homosexual. Hitler may have been a homosexual, and he employed many homosexuals in the S.A. Coincidence?
  5. Fact: Takei and Hitler have never been seen together.
  6. Fact: Takei has been vocal about his dislike for William Shatner over the years. Hitler also dislikes William Shatner.
It is not Urkobold's place to draw conclusions from this odd collision of facts; we just present our readers with the truth and allow you to judge.


Pham Nuwen said...

Mein gott in himmel!

Pro Libertate said...

I know, crazy, isn't it? Every year, I'm reminded that we're allowing this Nazi to run loose on our air-waves.

Pham Nuwen said...

Well, I remember reading about how Japan and Germany had a lot of similarities once. You may have heard about it.

Pro Libertate said...

I know that they fought against each other in the Great War. That's what I know.