Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Are You Experienced? Arrogant "Adults" Still Snarking Over Kiddie Candidates

The first Republican debate is looming, and it's making news for not having any "top-tier" candidates. Here is some grown-up barely able to contain his chuckling at the poor crop of candidates being fielded - they have the likes of Gary Johnson, pizza entrepreneur Herman Cain, "and, yes, Texas Congressman Ron Paul."

Given the funeral festivities that most of America is celebrating for Osama Bin Laden, it's probably a bad time to talk about peace. But we might as well, since the punditry loves to snark over the childish candidates who don't want to kill innocent civilians along with actual bad guys. Maturity is apparently a function of how many bodies you're willing to accept in the name of America's "interests."

Or perhaps those pragmatic adults are laughing at the kiddie table because those tykes don't want to lock up people who haven't injured others, but use substances such as marijuana. Is it the massive number of deaths caused by pot? With zero overdoses since 2500 BC, this is hard to believe. Perhaps it's the huge number of crimes associated with the drug? Given that the government had anti-pot ads showing pot making people sit on their couches and snack, it's interesting that they would also claim it motivates people to go out and steal, hurt others, etc. Or perhaps the old standby "gateway drug" argument will be brought out ex rectum. If there ever was any truth to that one, the fact that the main commonality is that the DRUGS ARE ILLEGAL manages to escape them. It will be a good day when those who use that argument stick it back up the ass they pulled it from, along with whatever else they see fit to add.

Perhaps it's the budget that those experienced, enlightened pundits are talking about. After all, if we went back to the budget we had in 2000, we would undoubtedly wind up like Somalia, our roads crumbling, our trains stopped in their tracks. Wild gangs would rule the wasteland, even outside of Detroit.

Whatever it is that they are pissing on about, I have to say that they're giving me a case of Peter Pan syndrome - if killing innocents, locking up peaceful people, and being totally irresponsible with money makes you an adult, I'm prepared to be a child for a while.


Pro Libertate said...

If our government were run by a teenage prostitute, it couldn't be any worse than it is right now. Think about it.

Otto said...

What is really bad is that so many defend it. There are a lot of people utterly convinced that any lessening of government control will really result in chaos.

If you point out that they are arguing against freedom, they go through all sorts of gymnastics to try to convince themselves it's not so.

Pro Libertate said...

It's a kind of insanity, really. The venality and incompetence of government is there for all to see.

Bernie said...

Could it be that all good intentions (let's make a pro drug movie) result in bad outcomes?
Little children, and young adults, watch a movie like Yellow Submarine, to decide what type of
person they would like to grow up to be. Relax, have fun listening to, or playing good music? Or in there little minds say, "Hey that's cool I want to put on a blue uniform and join the DEA!"

Otto said...

Good intentions often have bad consequences. I don't know if bad intentions would result in better ones. I doubt Yellow Submarine convinced anyone to join the DEA, though. (It might have gotten a few people to visit Chichen Itza.)

I've held my current views for so long that it's hard for me to get into the head of someone who does not agree. Unless their point is obvious (if possibly mistaken), or I am unsure of my own knowledge (such as with late-term abortion).

Bernie said...

In the early to mid 70's during winter breaks, I would go to Hawaii for vacation. I would bring a backpack, tent, snorkeling gear, and sleeping bag, and camp at remote beaches on Oahu, and Kauai in particular. The local people I met were friendly, especially native Hawaiians. Low cost high quality marijuana was available, and if you were short of cash, people shared. This activity was tolerated by police, but if a police car went by, people would discreetly hide what
they had. The aloha spirit I experienced there was as close to Pepperland as one could wish for. I'm sure a young Barak was familiar with the culture there, as he has admitted to drug use then, and the fact that it can be a non destructive part of recreational activity for many. When I referred to the Yellow Submarine film, I was using it as an allegory for the past experience of many adults in our country with drugs. I was being sarcastic when I implied the film would turn someone into an anti-drug fanatic. At some point in President Obama's career a massive cognitive dissonance occurred. I'm sure he doesn't fawn over his DEA policies like His Blueness over Glovie, but as Radley Balko at The Agitator can attest to, Obama wields these tools to the same degree as his predecessors. If I had to pick a high profile politician that could bring some sanity to our nation’s drug policy, it would have been Barak Obama. Your opinion of President Obama makes perfect sense to me.