Friday, January 7, 2011

Word of the Day: Kwittheshitz Hadenough

Artistic impression of the Kwittheshitz Hadenough
Kwit·the·shitz Had·e·nough [kwit-thuh-shits had-ih-nuhf]

1. one who can be offended many ways at once.
2. [mythology] the "Shortening of the Temper."  Believed by some to be one who has passed the Gon Tufar, a rite of adulthood in some cultures.
3. [politics] please, God, make them stop.
[Derivation unknown, possibly related to Hebrew: קפיצת הדרך (K'fitzat ha-Derekh), the leaping way.]


the innominate one said...

Was this excellent post inspired by one thing in particular, or just the accumulation of little things?

Pro Libertate said...

I came up with the phrase in some Hit & Run thread.

Personally, I survived the spice trance and entered that state some time ago. I think most libertarians have this gene.

Pham Nuwen said...

Dear Zod! Make it stop spinning!

the innominate one said...

The image is really disturbing.

Pro Libertate said...

It's awful, isn't it? I tried to find something else, but that was the closest I could get to the true meaning of the phrase. That, or maybe Bernini's "Anima Dannata", but I've used that here before.

the innominate one said...

Disturbing, but highly appropriate to the post topic. I think Pham's head is spinning counterclockwise just to try to make things balance out.

Pro Libertate said...

I can't watch it for very long myself.