Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fick Dich, Kalifornien!

Schwarzenegger has been, all told, a frustrating governor. While he occasionally makes noises like a more libertarian leader, he frequently falls short in practice. To be fair, the blame is not even remotely all his. He has some incredible fools to deal with in the legislature, fools who are perfectly willing to keep spending money California doesn't have until the U.S. will be forced to sell the state to Japan to avoid foreclosure. It's good to see that his frustration has begun to take tangible form, as can be observed in a recent veto letter:

Don't see it? Look at the next picture:

Now do you see it?

Acknowledgments to Hit & Run commenter, Bergholt Stuttley Johnson, who first pointed out the veto letter to Urkobold, linking to this blog post whining about the governor's "puerile" methodology at the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Frankly, I think more statements like Schwarzenegger's, not fewer, would improve American politics.


highnumber said...

Very funny.

Pro Libertate said...

I'd think maybe it was a coincidence, but the phrase "kicks the can down the alley" seems too contrived.

I don't care what anyone says--Conan is fun as governor. CA is too effed up for any governor to fix, even Captain Libertarian. I'd just veto everything with more overt FU messages, but I doubt that would change anything.

BakedPenguin said...

My respect for the governator grew immensely with that article. IOW, I actually have some now.

Pro Libertate said...

Hey! He's got the barbarian sword in his office, too. That's two reasons!

somebody said...