Friday, September 18, 2009

They Live Lives! runs a daily "Craption" contest, where they post an unusual picture and solicit funny captions from their readers. Registered users of the site vote, and the caption with the most votes wins. All quite democratic, like a mob agreeing to tar and feather a disfavored person.

Anyway, today's leader is worth noting due to the transformation of a great quote from They Live into a caption for a completely unrelated image:
Craption (credit to one Julius_Goat):
"They came to pray to God and kick ass. And they're all out of God."


Naga Sadow said...

Okay. That was pretty funny.

Pro Libertate said...

I found it quite amusing. Even a hardcore Catholic could appreciate this one, since I'm pretty sure those are fake monks.

In fact, it works on several levels, doesn't it?

BakedPenguin said...

I know this is heresy for you, PL (pun semi-intended, I guess), but I always thought They Live was overrated. (I loved the idea; I just thought Carpenter misfired on the execution). And I also thought the "bubblegum" line, while decent, didn't deserve its iconic status either.

Having said all that, the Cracked caption was funny as hell.

Pro Libertate said...


Well, we're all entitled to wrongheaded, idiotic opinions, aren't we? May Lo Pan forgive you.

Yeah, I thought this caption was brilliant. I'm usually lukewarm to these. It can work for theists and atheists, which has got to be first.

the innominate one said...

BP - try watching They Live while not quite so B and its genius will shine through

Pro Libertate said...

Hey, where's the guy on the right's left hand?