Monday, August 31, 2009

Bike Thief Vengeance Monday: The Phrases of Revenge

With the aid of the ever-useful Random Paragraph Generator:
On bike thieves in Chicago:

Chicago swears inside bike thieves. Chicago coaches the attempted cycle. Chicago struggles behind bike thieves. Chicago collapses. Chicago repairs bike thieves under a prize. Bike thieves toe the line after Chicago.

On highnumber's displeasure:

How does bike thieves append my starved monster? Highnumber bends the spiritual over the baffle. An alpha moon appears. Highnumber struggles beside the preface. A philosophy imports a mod spectacular.

Highnumber starves the performance. Does a mangled driver insult the daily animal? Bike thieves quibble over highnumber. Bike thieves twist before highnumber. An unpopular variance buttons a liked harmony. Bike thieves like highnumber.

Before the fierce economy leaps highnumber. Highnumber peers inside bike thieves. Highnumber leaks beneath bike thieves. Highnumber fools bike thieves. The salt dogs the relief.

The insane lisp intimates the witch. Bike thieves smells under highnumber. Highnumber extends into your problem around the plagued venture. The bow orchestra invalidates bike thieves within the sixteen ritual.

Highnumber corners bike thieves. Does highnumber dictate with the applause? Should bike thieves stamp? A bullet prevents the insult. Highnumber discourages a shiny mouse beside the designer icon.

Bike thieves copyright the stare. Bike thieves exit! Highnumber breaks below the drill. Highnumber recovers.

The breeding pedestrian crawls. Bike thieves introduces highnumber in the wonder. Highnumber asks a kiss. Highnumber mocks an infamous beard. Highnumber springs an important wrapper above a discouraged thief. Bike thieves offend highnumber.
My name is Inigo Highnumero. You stole my bikes. Prepare to die.


highnumber said...

Bike thieves twist before highnumber.

Yes, I like that.

Pro Libertate said...

The problem with the paragraph generator is that you usually only get one good phrase. I liked the one you note, "bullet prevents the insult", and "the insane lisp intimates the witch" (which uses neither key term).

I kept one paragraph solely for this phrase: "A philosophy imports a mod spectacular."

VikingMoose said...

don't forget about the phase including the taintoplasty, the endo, a jar of Vaseline, two twizzle straws, Mr. Steven Crane, and a bunt cake.

Pro Libertate said...

That's nonrandom, Moose.

VikingMoose said...

I try to keep a pattern in my work.

somebody said...