Friday, July 17, 2009

What? We Really Did Go to the Moon?

Hey, look, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter took some high resolution photos of the Moon. Not just of any old spots on the Moon, either, but of, I dunno, the Apollo landing sites?

Apollo 11:

Apollo 11 with an arrow showing you where it is:

Apollo 14, with tracks left by the astronauts, the LM, and some scientific instruments:

Amazing the lengths that NASA will go to in preserving the illusion that men went to the Moon--landing full-scale fake LMs on the Moon, along with actors (doubtlessly highly trained CIA agents who were later killed to protect the secret) to walk around and leave fake tracks. Insidiously audacious!

See more about this at Bad Astronomy and at the NASA NRO web site, including photos of other landing sites.

Note that this evidence will do absolutely nothing to slow the ravings of Moon-landing hoax conspiracy nuts.


the innominate one said...

I would be convinced, were it not for the fact that you've obviously never heard of Photoshop.

Also, fossils were put in place by JOOS at the instruction of Satan.

Naga Sadow said...

Wait? No mention of the Mars landing by OJ and his crew?


Ken Shultz said...

Monkeys were the first into space. God only knows what they did while they were up there.

the innominate one said...

good point, Ken

I wonder if they were Jooish monkeys?

Ken Shultz said...

Thirty-two monkeys have gone into space since 1948.

Thirty. Two. Monkeys.

Naga Sadow said...


You're scaring me. Are you suggesting there is some sorta orbital fece thrower up there?

Taktix® said...

I find these "photos" an obvious fabrication and am disappointed you guys would pass along such yellow journalism.

Where's the integrity anymore?

I'm canceling my subscription...

Pro Libertate said...

The truth is that astromonkeys landed the LMs and left all those tracks.

BakedPenguin said...

I would be convinced, were it not for the fact that you've obviously never heard of Photoshop.

Oh, please. Like anyone around here knows Photoshop.

And so you know how may filters you'd have to set and what kind of multi-level contrast adjustments you'd have to do to pull off what you're talking about. That kind of thing would take hours.

Ummm, I mean... if you're into that kind of thing... or so I;ve heard.