Thursday, January 22, 2009

You Don't Know the Power of the Diplomatic Side

Below are some welcoming motivational posters for the new Secretary of State. I couldn't choose just one to send to her, and I am willing to take advice on new ones to create. But the picture is perfect (with thanks and a cookie bonus to the Urkobold's Art Department, which was able to restore the Force lightning that the media photoshopped out of the original photograph):
On second thought, maybe I do have a favorite. "Battle station"--chortle.


Hit & Run
commenter Episiarch has proposed a good one:
And here's another one that came to me as I was striking down my former master with all of my might:
Okay, and one more taking a different tack:


Naga Sadow said...

Good . . . good . . . let the hate flow.

*rubs hands together in glee*

VikingMoose said...


report to the stables tonight and every other night at 1800 hours for punishment. and if any "Grease" song flows through my brain, the punishment will be intense.

It will involve Mr. Steven Crane.


(these are fantastic!!! well played)

Pro Libertate said...

BP gets the artwork credit; I just had the idea (that picture just screamed Force lightning). I hate Grease myself, but the connection was too obvious to resist.