Friday, June 13, 2008

Sulu Friday: You Make the Call - Who Dies Better?


Or Shatner:

Bill definitely has the better supporting cast--Barbara Eden, Roddy McDowell, Traci Lords, and Morgan Fairchild. George only has some guy giggling in the background while he's friggin' dying! Cut!

Then again, George is not wearing the one-piece manotard, either.


Ken Shultz said...

The Sulu death, I'd have to say, was a little over the top. And the supporting cast of the Kirk death, in my humble opinion, harmed rather than helped Kirk's case.

Barbara Eden, I think, is trying to play it like she's cool under pressure, but it comes off like Kirk electrocutes himself two or three times a week or something.

I suppose the situation is more irritating than ironic, a guy in a retard in unitard, who's trying to get everyone to jump in the jacuzzi during a thunderstorm, gets electrocuted.

...if it hadn't been for that, he probably would have wandered out into traffic eventually.

P.S. Lorne Green in the original Galactica = Best Death Scene Ever.

Pro Libertate said...

Good analysis, but which is better? I agree, these aren't the best death scenes ever. Shatner died better a couple of times on Star Trek alone.

I couldn't find video of Lorne Greene dying, but if anyone wants to name and link to video of better death scenes, I'll post them.

Death Scene Friday!

Pro Libertate said...

And whatever flaws a non-Jeannie Barbara Eden may have, at least she didn't laugh at Shatner's horrific death.

Say, wouldn't the short already have occurred, blowing the fuse? Shouldn't the Shat still be with us?

Ken Shultz said...

I looked for Lorne Green's Galactica death scene too and couldn't find it.

Part of it must have been all the death scenes he watched and, for all I know, coached in Bonanza. In Bonanza, I think there was probably at least one death scene in every show. And how long did that show go?

It was like a death scene clinic!

Oh, and I was givin' the nod to Kirk. ...he played it perfectly--a retard in a unitard getting electrocuted. That's what his character was; that's what he played.

I just thought the people around him ruined it. Oh, and a real killer would have used a radio rather than a blow dryer. Just the whole thing was wrong. ...not Kirk's fault though.

Sulu overplayed it. I have to say, though, that seeing how different Sulu is in real life, I have a lot more respect for Sulu as an actor.

Watching Sulu act like a regular person is like watching someone who's clinically depressed laugh at a joke. It takes a lot more effort than meets the eye. You gotta respect that. ...but now I know what to look for when I'm judging Sulu's acting--and there was just too much Takai in that performance.

Ken Shultz said...

I mean, I haven't seen the show, but from what I saw, the killer knew that Kirk's character was a retard--the killer apparently knew that only he would get into a jacuzzi during a thunderstorm...

For what she did, Barbara Eden should have been kicked out of the Actor's Guild. A retard in a unitard is getting barbecued in front of you, and you just calmly tell one of the spectators to pull the plug?


Ken Shultz said...

You know what it was like?

It was like watching Takai make fun of Sulu's acting.

And that's wrong. That's just wrong.

Ken Shultz said...

I don't mean to knock the Kirk scene--I think the premise is wonderful!

Nobody wants to get in the jacuzzi with a retard in a unitard 'cause there's a thunderstorm and they're afraid of getting electrocuted...

They just don't make television like that anymore!'s just that Barbara Eden ruined it. She was probably sleeping with the producer or somethin'.

Stevo Darkly said...

I admired the dramatic punch and the ... economy of the Sulu death scene. In just a few short seconds, we really got some bang for our buck.

The Shatner scene, however, was mishandled. Shatner is capable of a much, much more awesome death. Here, his dying was hardly on the screen. Instead, we just got reaction shots of all the other actors. It's as if they did the film Jurassic Park, but without showing any of the dinosaurs -- instead, just showing the actors' pointing off-screen and looking awed or terrified as they shouted, "Hey, a dinosaur!"

Shatner, like a CGI dinosaur, is basically an awesome special effect, and he should be used crank the awesomeness of a scene to 11. But this limp, face-averted death scene totally wasted Shatner's stage-honed, over-amped ham-acting ability.

Also, that manotard is terrifying. I might have to get one of those.

Pro Libertate said...

I read something in the Youtube notes that this was supposed to be intentionally silly. Given the casting, I'll bet that's true.

Takei and Shatner should do a live act-off, where each acts a scene and the other has to top it. No manotards, though.

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