Thursday, January 24, 2008

Haggis*: The New Sushi?

Mrs. Libertate and I had dinner with the Urkobold this past weekend. Not surprisingly, we had the Urkobold's favorite: haggis fritters and other offally treats. After we ate, we retired to the Urkobold's library for some strong bourbon and some stronger conversation. As usual, I learned great wisdom as the Urkobold waxed eloquent on many topics, ranging from the hermeneutics of schadenfreude to the latest trends in American cuisine. On the latter point, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that haggis has been taking America by storm for several years.

This evening, I did some research of my own. Indeed, as always, the Urkobold was correct--haggis is huge! For instance, McCormick's, well known for its various spices and flavorings has jumped on the trend with a new extract:
In a fit of synchronicity, I saw this flavoring used on Emeril Live not ten minutes after running across it on the web. Emeril sang the praises of haggis extract, saying things like "Kick it up your crotch!" and "Bam!"

Straight from Scotland into your grocer's freezer is haggis pizza, blending the often complementary flavors of Scotland and Italy. . .with a little American flair thrown in.

Of course, nothing is really American until McDonald's has taken a crack at it. Still trying to recover from the loss of the nearly offally McRib sandwich, McDonald's has turned to the truly offal haggis. Behold, the McHaggis!
Impressed as I was with the enormous popularity of haggis--something I was totally unaware of heretofore--I was absolutely amazed to learn that haggis had broken through all savory and offally barriers to enter into the world of desserts. I wasn't surprised to see a familiar name associated with this tasty treat.
* The FDA (the Food on a Dare Administration) has determined that haggis is a nutritious and healthy part of the daily diet, with lots of vitamins and healthy fat and gristle.


highnumber said...

The Urkobold has dinner with you?!

At best, when he's in town, I get a phone call in the middle of the night to come pick him up in some unsavory neighborhood. I usually have to hose him down before I let him in my house.

(Story about haggis on my NPR station right now!)

highnumber said...

I forgot to add that it's usually a collect call!

The NPR story was a local one about area Burns' Night celebrations. They bring the haggis into the room accompanied by much fanfare.

VikingMoose said...

... hay - that's where we have to drop him off... sorry about the need to hose him off.

Pro Libertate said...

Don't feel bad, highnumber, the Urkobold is more subdued when at home in Florida. He gets cranky on the road. Besides, there are some perks to the role of Consigliere.

NPR, trying to muscle in on our action again, eh? Better send Luca to deal with them.

Pro Libertate said...

Haggis: The other gray meat.