Friday, October 12, 2007

The Urkobold's Distant Relative: The Technoviking

All heil das TECHNOVIKING.


bakedpenguin said...

The Technoviking is obviously a Dance Commander!

highnumber said...

I just watched it without sound (because I'm listening to the new Radiohead - I chose to pay $5.00 plus the "handling" fee, so really $6.00. It's good - more like OK Computer than any of the last 3 albums, but not exactly like that at all.), and I gotta say I'm pretty sure that's dhex in the video.

bakedpenguin said...

highnumber - well, I'm glad he's working. Surprised, though, I would have thought they were too mainstream for dhex.

If you haven't heard Electric Six, their first album is sort of '80s metal combined with disco, and lyrics so cheesy a mouse would want an emetic. What I've heard of their second album hasn't been as good, and it's got more of a straight rock feel.

I never really got Radiohead, although I did like a few of their songs. "There There" "2+2=5" & "Where I End..." were all good off of "Hail to the Thief"

VikingMoose said...

HARRO Dhex!!!