Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sulu Friday: Pity the Red-Shirted Guy

To the tune of "Purple Haze"—
Phaser rays, firin’ through my brain,
Lately things just don’t seem that sane.
Feelin’ nervous, and I’ll tell you why,
I’m a red-shirted guy on the Enterprise.
Phaser rays, shootin’ ‘round,
Don’t know if I’m beamin’ up or down.
How I’ll die is a mystery,
Whatever it is, I know somethin’s killin’ me.
Help me,
Help me,
Oh, no, no.
(sound of phaser. . .scream)
Phaser rays, to my left and right,
Don’t know if I should flee or fight.
You see it’s lookin’, lookin’ grim.
Is it tomorrow Bones’ll say, “He’s dead, Jim”?
Oh, no, oh,
Oh, help me.

Phaser rays - Tell me, baby, tell me, I can't beam down like this.
Phaser rays - You're makin' me blow my mind. . .Uhura.
Phaser rays - n-no, nooo.
Phaser rays - No, it’s painful, baby.


joe said...

Captain, I think I found something ov-aarrgggh!!!

VikingMoose said...

woo hoo!

Pro Libertate said...

The key to red-shirted survival is to rarely, if ever, beam down to a new world or new civilization.

Pro Libertate said...

To give this context, I wrote this song parody when I was in the middle of getting laid off from a large, nameless bank (our subsidiary was sold and the retention offer involved me moving to Maryland--no way). I think a red-shirted guy can appreciate a pointless lay off.

VikingMoose said...

the air and water show is practicing basically outside of the window, so a jet roared by, causing my eyes to divert from what I was reading, leaving it off at:

To give this context, I wrote this song parody when I was in the middle of getting laid...

and then i freaked out...

Koko said...

toilet kiss kitteh red shirt hands

highnumber said...

I bet your neighborhood is a real joy during the Air & Water Show. Do you throw your Dale Earnhardt tshirt on and head down there?

Pro Libertate said...

Ah, Friday. Nothing like driving home over the causeway on a sunny Friday. FREEEE-DOOOOM!