Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Urkobold in Art

Ah, yes. Bernini's Anima dannata or "Damned Soul". Sculpted in 1619 in white marble and now housed at the Spanish embassy, Palazzo di Spagna, Rome, Anima dannata is frequently believed to represent a soul damned to hell. This belief is mistaken. In actuality, it's a self-portrait of Bernini after a brief encounter with the Urkobold.

Here, we have represented the piece with a modern art flair, just to piss off Bernini's shade a little bit more. The Urkobold has had it in for Bernini ever since Bernini gave the chair that the Urkobold commissioned to some pope.

For your aesthetic enjoyment. Feel his pain, and, through the reflected emotion of the piece, try to see and hear the Urkobold in action.


VikingMoose said...

Great post!

Pro Libertate said...

I always liked this sculpture--Bernini was great. Back when I was the webmaster (and a director) for a local nonprofit, we had toyed with the idea of doing a Halloween event called, Dormir con los Muertos, which was to be an all-nighter at our supposedly haunted building. I played around with the Anima dannata image, with this being a test of the various effects that I could do in Paint Shop Pro. I ended up superimposing the image on the building.

You know, jimmydageek could use the center image (the head-on, undistorted photo of the sculpture) for the bibertarian shirt. Just insert a pacifier and some text and voilà! The horror expressed on the face says it all, doesn't it?

jimmydageek said...

Freaky image for sure! Superimposed on a haunted house would be cool.

I'll see what I can do with that image as far as the t-shirt goes :)

Karen said...

I tried to look up a full-sized picture of this statue and so Googled "anima damnata." That is, apparently, the name of a Polish death-metal band. Thought y'all would like to know.

Bernini was always my favorite. I dragged my husband over a five mile hilly Roman sidewalk to see "The Ecstasy of St. Theresa" when we were on our honeymoon. The Bargello was being remodelled so we missed the Classical subjects in Florence. Still, nobody made marble live like he did.

Oh, and I love the party idea. And the T-shirts.

Karen said...

Oh, and this thread is vaguely art-related. I don't have the same horror-response to Thomas Kinkaide that other people do, believing there's a place in the world for inoffensive landscapes. Still, that particular picture is screwed up. Note the sun being over the gable on the far right side of the frame, but the sun splotches on the lawn being perpendicular to it. How does that work?

Pro Libertate said...

Bernini has some great stuff. I had a really good head-on shot of this bust, but I can't find it. I sent jimmydageek a smaller version--maybe that'll work.

You can find some images if you search for "Anima dannata" or "damned soul".