Thursday, June 7, 2007

He Likes Big Butts

The Independent reports:
Best known for playing Mr Spock on the much-loved TV series Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy has become the unlikely champion of plus-sized women - by photographing them nude.


Pro Libertate said...

Ah, a rare science fiction posting by highnumber.

I heard about this. Go figure. No wonder Kirk got more tail than Spock--they were all skinny aliens, as you may recall. Spock must wait for the Ton farr--the heavy girl mating season.

And Sulu is gay. What's up with all of this bizarre Trekkian sex?

highnumber said...

I added a link to BigFatBlog. They would question you referring to plus-size love as bizarre.

highnumber said...

And why is Sulu being gay bizarre, too?

highnumber said...

I looked for a SFW link to plus-size chix pix, then I realized there would be no point to that. I found this and I can't let it go to waste. (SFW)

Pro Libertate said...


Well, "unorthodox" then? Kirk sleeps with weird alien women, too, don't forget.

Unless I'm mistaken, the photo you just linked to is not of a fat girl, but of a prominent member of Class mammalia. Not the same thing at all.

highnumber said...

I searched for plus sized and that's what I got. Who am I to question?

I bet Shatner is really the kinkiest of the bunch. His name makes me think of unpleasant sexual proclivities.

Pro Libertate said...

And he's Canadian.

Pro Libertate said...

Hey, do you suppose Nimoy plays the Orion Slave Girl Theme when taking photos of enhanced women? And has he painted any of them green? He wasn't Spock, but now he is.

This reminds me of the time that Jeff P. insinuated that he and Jennifer had relations while playing the Star Trek Fightin' Song.

highnumber said...


(Also creepy that you easily recall that.)

Pro Libertate said...

Well, how does one forget something like that?

Stevo Darkly said...

That reminds me ... recently I was at Jeff P's "Gravity Lens" blog and he had a link to this great old silent film:

Steam Trek: The Moving Picture.

The music along makes it a must-see.

Especially the Klingon battle theme.

And the fight music.

And the ... oh, go see it.