Monday, May 21, 2007

Science Day at Urkobold: Rappin' with the Hawkman

Upon blind faith they place reliance.
What we need more of is science.

Look how the Man has put down our brother, the Hawkman, MC Hawking.


VikingMoose said...


The director's name is Leavitt-Lawrence.

I used to live near Levit/Lawrence.

Some mystic, cosmic design caused that.

Natural Design. and Intelligent Selection!

Pro Libertate said...

No one "directs" the Hawkman.

VikingMoose said...

You're right, cuz he's Intergalactic!!

(in honor of Mr. Steven Crane)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Stephen Hawking was a gangsta! Wow!

BakedPenguin said...

You down with entropy?

Yeah, you know me!