Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Give a warm welcome to one of Urkobold's oldest friends!

Yeah! A twist of Cain'll make me come alive!
and our friend on a bad day:

Sorry, Glenn. I thought you could take him.

Urkobold would like to point out that the makers of the video are kind enough to point out that Danzig's attack was unprovoked. This is an important detail that all you young trolls need to remember: Unprovoked attacks are not undeserved.

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Danzig said...

Hey, anybody seen that robot? He's supposed to hook me up with that elf blood.

VikingMoose said...

oh well. Win some. Lose some.

Nick M. said...

That attack was also undeserved. Danzig's the one who decided to show up late and screw over the other bands. Danzig is a punk who should get his ass kicked on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Zee Twist of Cain!! It does naazthing!!!

*applies evil fresh goat steak on black eye*